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Finally a new german Partner

So this is the first time for our website/blog to turn English, but it seems necessary to spread the word and get heard by those who need to hear it:
Mixer, please give us the partner we deserve!

FreiGeistTV has announced he was chosen to become a Mixer partner and that’s nice since it’s a good sign for the german, and maybe for the none-English-speaking community in general.

He’s got the look

But there is another name on the map that has to become an official partner streamer of Mixer:


Despite the fact, I can’t pronounce his name he’s a one of a kind streamer.
He’s got the looks, he’s got the charisma, he’s got the viewers, he’s got the beard and he’s bringing people to the platform, so why haven’t you offered him a million-dollar deal already?
Ok sorry, maybe I’m putting the bar too high right now, but he does bring everything to the table a partner needs and Mixer should be happy to have someone like him sticking to the platform.

Don’t look back in anger

Also, it should be appreciated he hasn’t made the move to Twitch like others did before him, after getting neglected their application for partnership or even tried to pull his Followers to another platform like others tried – good guy BeeVSaknosp.

The number of the BEEast

Bee is streaming a huge variety of games but his focus is on PUBG and is the host of the Pubg League for XBOX (PLX) where he’s pulling a massive amount of viewers to Mixer. Viewers who wouldn’t Bee around or even know about the platform at all if it wasn’t for him highlighting, never tired in his support for Xbox and Mixer.

Land of confusion

Bee is streaming in german but can switch to English immediately and with his lovely and original approach, he’s also supporting smaller german streamers and put them on his big stage to get those seen more – which is with all respect for the actual german mixer partners, nothing they can offer right now.

The German partners we already have are in majority streaming in English or giving a major fuck about the german community by only hosting 24/7 music streams and putting them on the frontpage – yeeha

Seal the deal

In my honest opinion, BeeVSaknosp shouldn’t apply for partnership anymore but Mixer has to contact him for being partnered since there is no better option around and it would be a benefit for the platform and the community.
It’s a shame we can’t create clips in his streams already just because he offers endless spots worth clipping

Can you imagine seeing the mixer partner showcase with a picture like this? (Check out his insane Instagram!)

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Volane · 15. April 2020 um 22:27

der beitrag ist mega geil geschrieben !
Wenn es einer werden soll dann der BEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

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